Your RV Seasonal Start Checklist

rv parked in front of desert mountains

The warm weather is approaching, and it’s time to pay a visit to your RV storage facility and get your RV ready for the road again. If you’re not sure what to do before hitting the highway this summer, keep reading! 

Here is a first-time RV checklist to use before hitting the road with your family this summer. You’ll need to add or remove items according to your trip needs, but it should cover most of your road trip essentials. 

There are four main categories that you will want to go through. RV health, travel essentials, safety gear and of course, fun activities. 

Go through each category one by one and check them off as you go! By the end, you and your family should be ready for an unforgettable RV adventure. 

RV Health:

Hopefully, while in RV Storage over the winter months, nothing major broke on your RV. However, it is always essential to do a full check before hitting the highway or even starting up your engine. 

Here is a top of level checklist to ensure your RV is healthy and ready for the road:

  • Full Tires
  • Safe Oil Levels
  • Working Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Sufficient Windshield wipers and fluid
  • Strong Headlights and tail lights

You’ll also want to inspect the exterior of your RV for any signs of damage or corrosion that may need repair before hitting the road.

Travel Essentials:

Now that you know your RV can handle the mileage, what are some travel essentials that will make the trip go smoothly? 

Some RV travel essentials include:

  • Maps and/or GPS for navigation.
  • Duct tape, zip ties, rope, extra fuses, or spare light bulbs
  • Extra fuel tanks, tire chains/cables if necessary
  • Extra water tanks
  • Locking gas cap to prevent potential theft of fuel on the road
  • Extra vehicle fluids (oil, power steering, windshield fluid, etc.)
  • Tire jack and spare tire
  • Power Generator

Safety Gear:

Just because you have a nice safe RV does not mean you shouldn’t prepare as though you are camping or in the wilderness.

Here are some must-have safety gear items for your summer RV trip:

  • Folding shovel
  • First-aid kit
  • Emergency blanket
  • Matches, lighters, or fire starters
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Lightweight backpacking stove 
  • Flares
  • Water filters 
  • Protein bars, beef jerky, or any food that has a long shelf life.
  • Extra water or water filtration systems 
  • Extra clothing, blankets, towels, etc.
  • Walkie Talkie/radios
  • An ax or a hatchet
  • Garbage bags


And last but not least, make sure you have activities that suit all the members of your family.

Some great activities to include on your next RV trip are:

  • Frisbee
  • Deck of playing cards and other classic games
  • Fishing rods
  • Bicycles   
  • Board games
  • Yard Games
  • Sporting equipment 
  • Puzzles
  • Books and Magazines

That concludes our list of RV-ready items for this summer. Go through each step one by one and make sure you are ready for any situation you may encounter. The trick to a successful RV trip is preparation!

Happy travels!