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An RV is a wonderful thing. It allows you to take your home on the road with you, and explore the world as it unfolds through a new perspective. As much fun as an RV can be, they do require some level of care and maintenance in order to function properly at all times. This is where Good Shepherd RV Park & Storage comes into play!


Need an RV Park or storage space? We have you covered!

Our top trusted facility has been family owned and cared for since it’s creation. The RV park features an amazing selection of amenities that you can utilize during your stay with us. Choose from covered and uncovered spots that have plenty of space for extra vehicles. We are constantly trying to add to the park, but spots go quickly so contact us today to find out more!

Are you living in Frisco and looking for a storage space for your vehicle? At Good Shepherd RV Park, we also provide the utmost in RV storage services as well! 

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Texas RV storage facility
outdoor RV storage at Good Shepherd TX

Amenities at Our RV Park

We Provide:

Why is it Important to Store Your RV or Boat Properly?

Keeps your vehicles in Good Condition

Storing RVs and boats properly will ensure that the RV or boat will be in good condition when you want to use them. Storing your RV or boat without proper care can cause damages that are hard to detect until you are ready to use the RV or boat for their intended purpose.

Protects your boat or Rv from the elements

Storing your RV properly includes protecting it from the elements. The best way to protect your RV is by keeping it in a covered area. This will protect it from the elements.

Secure 24 hour access for our patrons

We utilize a key-code entry gate that offers you 24 hr access to your vehicle so it can ready whenever you need it to be. Just going out for the day? Not a problem. Your spot will be waiting for you whenever you get back. You never have to hassle with business hours again. 

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Why You Should use Good Shepherd for RV and Boat Storage

We are dedicated to providing affordable storage solutions for your boat or recreational vehicle (RV). Whether you need short or long-term storage, Good Shepherd has the solution.

Good Shepherd RV Park is family-owned and operated. We are open 24 hours a day to serve your storage needs. We provide clean spaces for short or long-term RV storage. Good Shepherd RV Park & Storage offers both covered and uncovered RV parking spots.

We pride ourselves on offering the best prices around!

Be sure not to miss out on anything we have going on at our amazing RV park. Sign up now and see what we can do for you today!

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