Texas RV park with covered parking

RV Park and Storage Solutions for Prosper, Texas 

Good Shepherd RV Park and Storage is happy to provide a high-quality customer experience to any of the nearly 30,000 residents of Prosper. Whether you are looking for a beautiful location to hold a business away day, or a nearby RV Park that offers you and your pets a warm welcome, Good Shepherd RV Park and Storage’s friendly and approachable team are happy to discuss your needs and all the ways in which they can serve you.


Prosper is a fast-growing town with new developments springing up all the time. Whether it’s for your business or family, we are happy to provide you with the very best customer service and amenities in North Texas.

Prosper residents are surrounded by breathtaking scenery, so the chance to escape into nature makes RVs a popular choice allowing many Prosper residents. However, storing an RV can be difficult in short driveways or carports. Good Shepherd’s RV storage gives residents peace-of-mind that their RV is stored safe and secure, awaiting for your next adventure.

Good Shepherd’s RV Park also offers a quick getaway to Prosper’s many residents for short stays. Our pet-friendly atmosphere, access to town, natural scenery, and group event center makes Good Shepherd RV the ideal getaway for the entire family.

Good Shepherd RV park and storage is a trusted family-run facility that offers great services to the residents of Prosper, Texas. With great reviews and testimonials, Good Shepherd is proud to offer our business to local residents in need of accessible storage or a local escape to the beautiful countryside.

Our Services

Good Shepherd offers a range of services including:

Self Storage

Good Shepherd has a secure and spacious units onsite for whatever you need to store. These are ideal if you are a business or resident who is looking to safely store essential items at an affordable price. The units are fully enclosed with a footprint of 10’ by 10’, giving customers ample room with exceptional and friendly customer service.

RV Storage

The site also has covered RV storage facilities at 12.5’ x 45’, allowing you to safely park your RV of almost any size. Our RV storage is the ideal place to keep your home away from home safe and covered until you and your family can hit the road again.

Texas country road in spring

RV Park

There are 100 spaces in the breathtaking surroundings that Good Shepherd is proud to call its home. The park also offers several amenities including: