Why Do You Need an RV-Specific Storage Unit?

RV on the road

RVs are the ultimate adventure vehicle. They let you take those epic summer road trips and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations. But unless you live in your RV year-round, the time will come when it’ll take up precious space in your driveway or backyard.

If you live in a community with an HOA you may not even be able to keep your RV in your driveway or anywhere on the property. And if you live in a place with bad winter weather or harsh summers, you’re exposing your expensive investment to mother nature.

Instead of throwing a tarp over it or leaving it to fend for itself, why not look into long-term RV storage? Not only does it free up space, but there are lots of benefits to keeping your vehicle in a place that’s specifically designed for it.

Weather Protection

Hail, snow, or scorching sun: your RV can drop in value when left outside to face the elements. Direct exposure to sunlight can weaken the seals and cause leaks, while hail or high winds can damage the roof and exterior. And in snowy areas, heavy accumulation on the roof can cause it to collapse.

Covered RV storage won’t give you as much protection as indoor storage, but it’s the best of both worlds when it comes to avoiding bad weather and high prices. Covered RV storage looks similar to a carport—an open-air structure with a roof—but it’s taller and specifically designed to hold RVs.

At Good Shepherd RV Park, our long-term RV storage is only open at the front for easy access, so you have nearly full protection for no extra cost.

Better Drainage

One thing that often gets neglected in RV ownership is cleaning out the fresh water tank. But leaving dirty water to sit can cause bacteria and bad odors, not to mention clogging up your system.

Having a designated RV storage facility means there are places for you to drain and flush out your water tank, as well as dump your sewage and fill up your propane tank. At Good Shepherd, we have a dumping station for our storage customers to use, so you can upkeep your RV without having to drive all the way to a campground or find a place with the proper hookups. 


The best RV storage units will have 24/7 security gate access so you can come and go as you please. Your RV will stay safe without you having to worry!

How Much Does RV Storage Cost?

The cost of RV storage varies depending on the location, size of your vehicle, and whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Our spaces at Good Shepherd in North Texas are $150 (plus tax & electricity if you need it)—the best price in the area.

Long-term RV Storage in Gunter, TX

We hope we’ve convinced you not to leave your RV at the mercy of the elements or take up valuable real estate in your yard. Invest in long-term RV storage to keep it safe, secure, and ready for your next adventure!

We would be happy to show you around Good Shepherd RV Park so you can see if it’d be a good fit for your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule a tour!