Top 10 North Texas Attractions

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North Texas is home to a surprising number of attractions for travelers, couples, and families to visit and explore. It may not be the most visited area of the US, but hopefully, after you read this article, you’ll see how much the area has to offer. There is everything from vast and stunning landscapes to fascinating museums for all the family. 

  1. Wherever You Stay

North Texas has so many incredible views, restaurants, and activities for the whole family to explore. No matter where you stay, you’ll find friendly locals, unique businesses, and memorable sights. Wherever you plan on staying in a 5-star hotel or a local RV park, you’ll be glad you came to North Texas. 

  1. Fort Worth Nature Center

Fort Worth Nature Center is a natural area made up of forests, prairies, and wetlands that give you an idea of what the world looked like in the pre-twentieth century. The center was built on Lake Worth in 1914.

You can enjoy exploring the vast countryside on your own, or hire a tour guide to explain some of the fascinating history, culture, and wildlife to you. Whatever you do, there’s enough natural beauty to spend several days in this natural wilderness. 

  1. Dallas World Aquarium

Do you love the world of the oceans? If so, then the Dallas World Aquarium is not to be missed. It has a wide array of fish species and ocean wildlife including, sharks, rays, and tropical fish. The Dallas World Aquarium is the most well-known aquarium in the region and is well worth visiting. 

  1. Dealey Plaza

If you’ve got a historian in your group, you’ll have to stop by Dealey Plaza, the site where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. After perusing the plaza, be sure to take a full tour of the Sixth Floor Museum and visit the John F. Kennedy Memorial. 

  1. Dallas Museum of Art

One for the art lovers, the Dallas Museum of Modern Art has fine collections and exhibitions to view from both past and present. It has its origins in a committee of the Public Library established in 1903 and is one of the most renowned art galleries in the state of Texas. You could easily spend hours admiring the exquisite art in these collections. 

  1. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is another location with tremendous natural beauty. It’s a 200-acre park with opportunities for walking, jogging, hiking, orienteering, and outdoor activities. This would suit travelers who enjoy both outdoor activities at stunning scenic environments. When you’re here, don’t miss the observation tower that offers an excellent view of the city nearby. 

  1. National Videogame Museum

There’s something for everyone in Texas, even video games! At the National Video Game Museum, you can explore the industry’s lively and interesting history in an engaging way. Gamers can also play classic games and meet up with creative and competitive like-minded people in the community. 

  1. Museum of American Railroad

Do you love trains? If you do, you will love the Museum of American Railroad. The railroad in America has a long and interesting cultural and technological history that reaches back into the country’s past. Take part in a guided tour or explore the museum for yourself. Don’t forget to bring your imagination and camera! 

  1. Texas Sculpture Garden

For those who are interested in Modern art, the Texas Sculptural Garden is the place for you. Craig Hall built a visionary museum with a large selection of significant contemporary sculptures housed in a beautiful and unique exhibition space.

Here, you will see all kinds of pieces to inspire and challenge your artistic sensibilities. This space was designed to celebrate the Texas artist community, and it doesn’t disappoint.

  1. Sci-Tech Discovery Center

The Sci-Tech Discovery Center is a wonderful place to start your exploration of science, and is the perfect way to occupy the kid’s minds away from a screen. They will get the chance to play in the air-pressure zone, the world of robots and tech, and take part in building challenges.