Short-Term vs. Long-Term RV Storage

motorhome driving on a highway

A perfect day for an RV owner is a day on the open road. Whether there’s a destination in mind or random exploring up ahead, RV owners prefer to be moving. But there are obviously times when the RV needs to be parked. 

Some RV owners just don’t have the space at home to house a large vehicle. Most garages and many driveways just aren’t large enough to accommodate an RV. Some communities have rules about parking oversized vehicles inside neighborhoods.

Many RV owners prefer storage that protects their vehicles from the elements. Sun, rain, snow, and ice can all take their toll on an RV inside and out. Weather extremes can damage and fade the exterior and light that gets inside can fade furnishings and finishes.

An RV is also a significant monetary investment and many owners are more comfortable parking that investment in a secured area to keep it safe. A reputable storage company like Good Shepherd RV Parking and Storage provides all those amenities along with peace of mind. 

Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage is for RV owners who frequently use the vehicle and are looking for a safe and secure place to keep it. The short-term storage solution keeps the RV nearby and ready for adventure.

At Good Shepherd RV, our customers have the option to rent space monthly. Short-term storage customers want to be able to easily pull away in their RV whenever they hear the road calling. 

Short-term storage customers often take advantage of the electricity in our facilities that keeps batteries charged and refrigerators running.

If you do not want to park your RV at your home but you want to use it whenever you can, short-term storage is the solution for you.

Long-Term Storage

Some RV owners need to keep their vehicles parked for longer periods of time. They may only use the RV for an annual vacation. Or they may only use it seasonally and then park it as job commitments and the weather dictate. 

If you need a place for your RV for an entire season or a series of months throughout the year, you need long-term RV storage in Texas. Long-term RV storage at Good Shepherd RV Park and Storage puts your vehicle under a cover and out of the weather. Our north Texas facility is completely secure and so is every RV that is parked in it.

We offer the option of electricity for vehicles in long-term storage for owners who prefer to keep the battery and appliances running. When the calendar says it is time to get back out on the road your RV will be in good shape.

Find Your Storage Solution

If you need RV storage in Texas for the short or the long term, investigate the space. Find the place that protects your vehicle from the elements while keeping it safe and secure. Find a place that appreciates your investment just as much as you do.

Good Shepherd RV Park and Storage is a family owned and operated business that cares about each vehicle and the good people that stand behind them. Contact us today to learn more about our RV storage solutions.