10 Easy Ways to Redesign Your RV

rv redesign - rv parked in outdoor parking at Texas rv storage facility

Did you know there are around 1 million full-time RV residents in the US? If you’re living in your vehicle full-time, or use your it occasionally, you may have considered ways to redesign your RV. 

If you’re looking to redesign your RV, you’ve come to the right place. Redesigning is often about inspiration, which can be hard to find. Fortunately, we’ve put together 10 easy ways you can redesign your RV to give you a head start.

Incorporate Minimalism

Minimalist design is very popular in the home, so why not bring it to your RV? Aim to create open space and only have essential items on display. Creating additional storage and hidden storage solutions are great if you’re looking to incorporate minimalism. They also give you somewhere to store your belongings.

Update Your Fabrics

If your fabrics are looking tired, why not update them? Even changing the fabrics in the cabin can transform the look of your RV. If you want to take on a bigger job, cushions, carpets and seat fabric can also be other areas to target. You can choose a fabric to suit a certain theme or give your RV a new theme.

Go Retro

Retro is always trendy. Many people love retro themes and designs, and they can look very “at home” in an RV. Why not add diner-style seating and a retro fridge? Search thrift stores for retro items like radios, clocks and decor for the finishing touches.

Add Strip Lights 

Strip lights make everything look better. You can add them under cabinets, in drawers, behind your TV or anywhere else you can think of. They’re cheap to buy and run and often come with color-changing bulbs, meaning you can change the lighting to suit your mood.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Most RVs have fairly flexible layout options. You may need to use some basic DIY skills to remove the furniture and fix it in a new location, but it can make your RV look much more spacious if you do it right.

Add Curtains

Curtains are much better than valances; they also allow you to bring color and personality to your RV. If you have valances or blinds that look tired, consider replacing them with new curtains.

Upgrade Flooring

Your floor can determine the overall appearance of the RV. In terms of options, you can lay almost any type of floor. If you want tiles, wood or vinyl, these are all great options. Get creative and decide what’s right for you.

Reupholster Furniture

Rather than replacing your furniture, it can be more cost-effective to reupholster it. It isn’t too difficult, but if the thought of it intimidates you, you can buy ready-made and customized covers.

Add Entertainment

If you haven’t got a good entertainment system, then why not add one? A high-quality TV and stereo system can make all the difference on a rainy day when you’re stuck inside.

Bring In Luxury

Many luxurious RVs are on the market, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to experience luxury. Bring luxury into your RV by adding a more extravagant shower, bathroom or kitchen.

Where To Store an RV

Did you know 11.2 million households own an RV? This shows how popular RVs have become; they’ve also become targets for thieves. 

Therefore, it’s important to store an RV in a professional RV storage location. Don’t let your hard redesign work go to waste. Ensure you look into where to store an RV and find a safe location.