RV Park Pet Etiquette: What Are the Rules?

Nightime setting with a camper van and people outside of it

Traveling with pets can make for exciting memories, but understanding the proper etiquette can make or break the experience, especially when you’re frequenting an RV park in Texas. Not only do you need to consider the written rules such as picking up after your pet and leash regulations, but you should also be aware of the unwritten rules to ensure an enjoyable stay.

So, let’s dive in and examine these guidelines for maintaining the pet-friendly charm of RV parks.

1. Leash Rules

The first and most common rule at any RV park in Texas is the leash rule. Keeping your pets on a leash at all times is not just a courtesy to others; it’s a safety measure. It ensures that your beloved furry friend doesn’t wander off into unfamiliar territory, run into traffic, or approach other pets who may not be as sociable.

2. Pick Up After Your Pet

We all know this one! This rule goes beyond just being courteous—it’s about hygiene and safety for all park visitors. Always carry waste bags with you and dispose of the waste properly so you can save someone else the misery of stepping in it.

3. Limit Noise

This rule may not be explicitly stated, but it’s equally as important as rules that are. Excessive barking can be disruptive to your neighbors who are also there to enjoy a peaceful vacation. Be considerate by training your pet to minimize noise, or consider investing in a humane anti-barking device if needed.

4. Respect Boundaries

While your pet might be a social butterfly, it’s essential to respect other people’s space. Keep your pet from encroaching on other guests’ sites, especially during bathroom breaks. And never leave your pet unattended outside your RV—you can’t control whose boundaries they step over when you’re not around.

5. Tick and Flea Prevention

The final unwritten rule when staying at an RV park in Texas is ensuring your pet is free from ticks and fleas. Since Texas can be hot and humid, these pests can be more prevalent than in other areas. To keep everyone safe, make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your pet with an anti-tick/flea spray and collar.

Preventative measures you can take include regularly checking your pets, especially after walks or outdoor activities. You might even have them on a vet-approved flea and tick prevention program to keep these pests at bay.

Now that we’ve covered the main rules of pet etiquette for an RV park in Texas, you’re well-equipped to offer your furry friend a great vacation while respecting your fellow travelers.

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